A Silver Lining

Three weeks ago I had gum surgery.  Pretty extensive and fairly painful for a few days.  I expected the pain and was proud of myself for not making a major dent in the two! bottles of painkillers that were prescribed.  I was also prepared to take a course of antibiotics and I did.

What I was not prepared for was this sore throat, cough thing that has been hanging around for the last 5 days or so.   When it continued to worsen over the weekend I promised myself I would see the MD today.  He said I wasn’t ‘presenting’ like someone with strep throat but did the swab nonetheless.  My biggest concern at that point was that I would need yet another course of antibiotics.  This concern I shared with the doctor.

When he returned five minutes later, culture results in hand, my face lit up as he shared the diagnosis.  My doctor laughed and said that this was a first – a patient thrilled to hear that she had the flu (and would therefore not need antibiotics).


One response to “A Silver Lining

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